ACS T10 Smooth Insert for Camaro 2010-2013, LS LT 2014


ACS T10 Smooth Insert for Camaro 2010-2013, LS LT 2014 33-4-141
Camaro Hoods and Hood Ports
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Introducing the ACS T10 Extractor Insert, an alternative way of modifying your hood. Installs directly onto the pre-existing stock hood, which lets you save on re-paint and the hassles of replacement hoods. The ACS T10 Hood Insert follows the the hood cowl lines adding heat extration to the engine comparment.


The sole performance benefit of the stock aluminium Camaro hood is its light weight; it lacks heavily in its other categories. The ACS T10 Insert converts the original hood to allow the:

  • Extraction of the engine’s hot air
  • Reduction of body lift at high speed by relieving under hood pressure.
  • Available hoodliner offering water to drain towards the front radiator support away from critical engine electronics.


Our T10 Extractor Insert is made using our RTM process, which unlike conventional fiberglass is built to withstand heat and distortion.

Stock hood will need to be trimmed and 8 mounting holes will need to be drilled.


  • 1 – ACS T10 Hood Insert
  • 1 – Hood Grill, Octagonal Mesh
  • 8 – M6 Nut with Mounted Washer
  • 2 – Large Washers
  • 6 – Standard Washers
  • 2 – Cap Plugs
  • 1 – T10 Template
  • 1 – Adhesive Cartridge
  • 4 – Tie Wraps
  • Instructions
Hood Liner / Water Management
No Hoodliner (0)
Hoodliner / Water Management Panel (169)

ACS T10 Smooth Insert for Camaro 2010-2013, LS LT 2014
ACS T10 Smooth Insert for Camaro 2010-2013, LS LT 2014


  1. Steve
    26 February 2014

    Really like your C7 spoiler.
    What is it made of.. I don’t want Carbon fiber.
    what is the cost painted black/flat black?

  2. rewa mack
    7 April 2014

    I ordere the acs rear quarter ports and a template did not come with it. How can I get a copy of the template?

  3. tiburcio
    17 April 2014

    for the love of a camaro

  4. carlos
    23 April 2014

    need Zl1 front facia

  5. Kevin MacPhail
    23 May 2014

    Can you give me a quote on a T4 Splitter, Siderockers and the ones that go behind the back tires. I live in Nova Scotia Canada. My address is 65 Sibley Street ! Sydney . Postal code is B1S 1M7. If you color match paint my car is inferno orange. My camaro is 2012 convertible ss. Thanks .

  6. Jason Miller
    28 May 2014

    Hi! I was wondering of you are working on any of the bumper ports or chin splitters for the 2014 1LS/1LT models? Thanks!

  7. Jim Brown
    1 June 2014

    Are all the parts in the 2010-2013 Camaro SS Aero pack painted Satin? I am contemplating purchasing this kit for installing on my SS so your prompt reply is appreciated.

    • admin
      4 June 2014

      The aeropack is standard in a Satin Black Paint finish.


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